Last Week


We did a workout in the quad. The quad was a ad hoc crew that we combined such that no rowers would stay on the shore. We rowed 4x2k, divided in various intervals. It wasn’t bad for an ad hoc crew.


A weights session of one hour.


The plan called for steady state but Romana and I were in the double and had a chance to do starts and short intervals against our Masters Men B 2x. It wasn’t bad at all. We were faster in the start compared to the young guys, and in the 20 and 30 Stroke pieces we managed to row next to them. We rated a lot higher than the guys, but I am not sure if they were able to rate up. It takes some time rowing together to rate up effectively.

I forgot to put on the heart rate sensor and the power is estimated values. Nice workout.

Thursday & Friday

We spent a day and a half in Prague. View on the city from the Strahov monastery.

On Friday we arrived around 2pm and I did go to the lake, but there was too much wind and I felt tired, so I skipped the session.


In the double again with Romana. A week from now, we will be starting at the Masters Nationals (Czech Masters Open) in the mixed double. Unfortunately, I will be traveling for work early next week, so this is our final workout before the race. We did a 3km warming up, then a 750m at race pace, 3km steady and then 2x250m with 250m paddling.

This time I did wear the Heart Rate sensor but I don’t believe the values at all. Here is a comparison of the 750m and the 250m pieces:

The 250s were a bit more aggressive. All pieces rowed with a cross tailwind and unpleasant chop.

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