Monday – Sprintervals in the single

A great workout in the single. I did, however, copy the instructions from the training plan with a tiny error. Instead of

6x(20″/40″)/5min + 6x(30″/30″)/5min + 6x(40″/20″)

I did:

6x(20″/40″)/5min + 6x(30″/30″)/5min + 6x(20″/40″)

Two thirds of the workout is the same, but I know those 40″/20″ are a beast. Now, it was nice tempo training:

The Empower Oarlock failed miserably. It was just an empty battery. I tried to reconnect through resetting, but that didn’t work. So I have no idea about force, power, work per stroke and stroke length, unfortunately. These were exactly the metrics that I wanted to look at. I was rowing nicely, rating up easily, and I think I was hitting the sweet spot pretty well.

We’ll never know.

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