2x(9x500m/70″)/5min & Some Ice Speed Skating


In the morning, I finished the work on my latest rowsandall.com release, and released it. Then I sat around waiting for bug reports to come in, but nothing happened, so I went to do the groceries. Well, I guess I had test driven this release quite thoroughly on the development server, so there was no reason to be worried.

The workout was a repeat of last Sunday:

2x(9x500m/70")/5min @ 26-27spm

Last Sunday, I had struggled but completed. Today, after a 2k warming up with a few speed bursts, everything went very smooth. My rowing cellar had a nice temperature around the freezing point. The sun was shining outside. I had no difficulties pulling just under 1:50 split:

First set of 9x500m
Second set of 9x500m

The whole event was really quite uneventful. It is funny, how the same session can be so different. I guess this had a lot to do with two rest/travel days and an easy treadmill run that I did in the past days.


I had planned for a steady state erg, but the weather was so nice, so we went for a walk to check the ice on a nearby pond. Robin, my youngest, got so enthusiastic to go skating in the afternoon that I decided to join him.

While the Czechs were still enjoying their traditional long Sunday lunch, we were already out on the ice. This was on purpose, because with my speed skates I need a bit of space. Still it was quite claustrophobic. A kilometer was about four loops on the small pond, and I did 15km in total. By the end, there was a small crowd on the ice, mostly playing hockey, so I had to go. Robin remained and is still enjoying the sunny winter afternoon.

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