swim heart rate

500m warming up,
1000m as 50m hard, 50m recovery
500m cooling down

The swim was confusing. Normally the first three or four lanes are reserved for fitness swimmers, and the other lanes are for swimming clubs doing seriously fast training. Today, fitness swimmers were supposed to use lanes 3, 4 and 8. Confusing!

I first swam in lane 2 but had trouble with fast (club) swimmers pushing on my legs and slow ladies trying to keep their hair dry and swimming very slowly. Moving to lane three solved the fast swimmers problem, but in my “intervals” I had to stop swimming “fast” now and then because I couldn’t overtake. I moved to lane 1 for cooling down, where I was stopped by a club trainer who explained the lane allocation. I apologized and asked how to know the lane allocation. Apparently you have to check online, and it is different for every day of the week. Interesting!

The Polar OH1 works very well in the pool. This was a good workout. Pretty hard work on legs and shoulders. I won’t regret the swimming when I do cross country skiing next week or when I return to OTW rowing. On the erg, it is very hard to trying shoulders.

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