The plan was a (pretty long) steady state workout, but a rest day seemed the wiser option. I came back from work really tired and just couldn’t get myself to sit down on the erg. A rest day.


So, today I was double motivated to do that workout. Also, I had the urge to do a full out minute as a stand-alone piece, even though I had done a one minute effort a month ago. So I modified the Pete Plan Pyramid to suit my goals:

  • stand-alone full out minute
  • one minute rest
  • 2min/2min, 3min/3min, 4min/4min, 3min/3min, 2min/2min and finally 1 minute

This is a bit longer hard rowing than the original session, and a bit shorter rests. Also, starting with a full out minute instead of pacing this smartly makes it a bit harder. Actually, it turned out to make everything after the one minute effort pretty slow and painful. But it was a good experience. Sometimes the painful place is a good one to be in.

Here is the one minute effort:

One minute row

And here is the entire workout (the two separate rows glued together on the Rowsandall.com site):

Pyramid workout

Holding something between 1:47 pace and 1:52 pace in the intervals:

Flex chart

Today was pretty bad weather. It snowed hard all day. All roads into Brno were blocked by accidents.

snow traffic

Edit – adding a link to the book mentioned in the comments:

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