Recovery Row in the Double

I haven’t exercised in a while.


I returned from my business trip to Egypt feeling well and happy that I didn’t get the food poisoning that they had warned me about. On the evening of my return trip, I did a steady state row on the erg, but I stopped after 30 minutes, because Romana came home and I wanted to greet her more than I wanted to exercise.

Then the misery started. The next day, on Friday, I am having lunch with my team and all is well. An hour later, I visit the bathroom and get a nasty surprise. Another hour later, I am not feeling well. Feeling feverish. I decide that I need to drive home as soon as possible. I spend the rest of the day at home, on the couch, under a blanket, feeling miserable. Terrible headache, belly not good, and fever. I did manage to drink 2 liters of disgusting salt/sugar water mix that I made for myself.

Over the course of the weekend there are ups and downs. I am now eating only light food. After every meal I have to lie down for an hour because of belly cramps. I start taking activated charcoal pills. It seems to slowly get better. On Monday, I work from home. On Tuesday, I feel strong enough to go to work. All seems well.

On Wednesday, I am packing to go to Sofia, Bulgaria, but I am on a 45 minutes fine, 15 minutes of terrible cramps interval session. That lasts the entire morning, and I decide to take the chlorine containing pills that claim to clean my intestines leaving the good gut flora alive.

I depart to the airport, telling myself that if things get worse, I can always turn around before boarding and just go home. But this is an important trip.

My situation improves and I make the trip fine.

Friday, I am back, and it’s ups and downs again, but more ups than downs.

Today, Saturday, I even dared to take out a boat and row. I took our double together with my daughter Lenka.

time chart

It was a nice autumn morning. I took some pictures:

autumn 1

autumn 2

And the map:

track map

It is good to be back among the living. Now I urgently need to review my training plans because ten days of travel and being sick does have an impact, and I think I should ramp up slowly and carefully.

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