Two pieces for a Masters Eight

 The temperatures have increased to above 30 degrees C, but luckily we were rowing in the evening.

It had been s hectic day. After a four hour drive back from Racice, we found our poor cat in distress. It had injured its tail and during the twelve hours it had spent alone, it had sprayed blood all over the house. So instead of relaxing in our garden we took care of the wound (which was not easy, as is evident from the claw marks on my arms) with help of a rowing friend who lives nearby and is a vet. On Monday we visited him in his office for a check, some injections and antibiotics, as well as a cap to prevent the poor animal from biting its painful tail again. 

So when I  arrived at the rowing club, my rowing friends were still discussing the European Championships, but I had already moved on to another world. 

Anyway, we are racing the eight coming weekend so it is time to get to business. The training plan prescribed 1500m pieces at 26spm but the crew wanted to add a race pace piece. The compromise was one 1500m and one 750m. 

I gave the SpeedCoach to the cox because his CoxBox Mini doesn’t show stroke rate. I told him to not touch any buttons on the SpeedCoach and started its recording when we still had the boat in slings. Unfortunately I forgot to switch the screen to distance, so the cox had only elapsed time and stroke rate. He managed well and just did the pieces by estimated distance from landmarks. For the 1500 that was easy: from the 2k start to the Lodni Sporty club house. For the 750 it was a bit more difficult. 

But can deal with that. Sitting on 2 seat the SpeedCoach didn’t record my heart rate. However, I was using the Garmin watch to capture that. After the row, I imported the Garmin data through Strava to, uploaded the SpeedCoach data and did a data fusion merging the NK pace, SPM, and distance data into the Garmin workout.

Then, I used the Interval Editor and the interactive plot to determine the start and end times of the pieces and here is the result:

Workout Summary - media/Fusion_20170530-085321.csv
Workout Details


Ignore the power data. It’s a conversion from pace using the equation for the Concept2 erg and when you’re in the eight it overestimates the power. I will update the site to do a better power estimate for OTW rows. 

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