Steady State in rough and not so rough conditions

Thursday evening

A quick steady state row in the single. It was very rough out there but rowable on the north part of the lake:

myimage (13)

Friday Morning

A data drama! First, I forgot to switch on the recording on the SpeedCoach during the warming up, missing the first 2.5km. Then, half way through the row, the SpeedCoach screen flashed “Memory Full” at me. I remained calm, thinking that there would be another hour of recording left. Nope. The SpeedCoach memory fills up quickly when you use the Empower Oarlock. Missing the final 5km of the row.

Today’s conditions were pretty interesting. Mirror flat, dreamlike, in the north part, and a small ripples in the south part. The ripples were of the unpredictable kind, so they added a little bit of challenge to the rowing. It was fun to work on technique, trying to perfectionize some aspects of technique on the mirror part, then trying to take that to the unsteady part.

myimage (12)


For the demo in Racice, I had ordered a new tablet computer online, with a store that has pretty good next-day delivery and a pick-up facility very close to the rowing club. The promised delivery time was 8:00 AM on Thursday but they missed that and the order stayed in the “preparation” state. This morning I drove to the pick-up facility. While I was driving, they sent me an email with apologies and telling me that they would deliver on Sunday evening. No way. I went in and canceled the order.

Then drove to a brick-mortar store to quickly get a decent tablet, which proved to be harder than I thought. The good old brick-mortar stores are mainly just showrooms and when you tell the personnel that you want to buy a certain type, they walk you to a terminal where they fill out an on-line order for you.

In the end I found the only place where I could wave my credit card and just take the device with me, so I ended up buying an Apple Ipad Mini 4. I would have preferred a slightly bigger screen, but OK.

Talking about the screen of this thing, this made me go for the Apple products in the end. I am looking for a device to demo, and it better look good when I show it to people. The iPads are really shining here.

[amazon_link asins=’B016PW4NX6′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’rowingdata-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4cf4fc2a-4206-11e7-ae05-bdf0b600eaa3′]

Coming Weekend

No training! I am off to Racice:

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