Monday – Guest row with the double

Arjan is my old training partner when we were both studying in Utrecht and rowing for Orca. He is over in Vienna for a week long conference, decided to fly in half a day earlier and hop on the train to Brno. I picked him up at the railway station at the end of the afternoon and we headed to the lake.

We took the double “Orca” for a tour of the lake. We rowed up to the castle and then crossed the lake. This was a steady state session so we did most of it at 20spm, with an occasional excursion to 22spm. Arjan really enjoyed the scenery. In Weert and Eindhoven they are rowing on narrow canals in an industrial setting, so being in the middle of a forest, in a canyon, between rocks, was quite a change for him.

He also needed some time to get used to navigating on the lake.

Then we went to my place to have dinner, chat a bit, and at in the end I brought him to the last train to Vienna.

This morning the alarm clock rang at 5AM. At 5:30 the driver was already waiting. I hopped in the car and headed to the Vienna airport. I took the flight to Brussels. First time I flew on a Sukhoi SSJ100 aircraft, operated by City Jet for Brussels airlines. Lots of leg space!

Tomorrow morning: Hotel gym workout.

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