Monday: Travel blues & Steady State


Every spring I attend the World ATM (Air Traffic Management) Congress in Madrid, Spain. It’s a nice event where the entire industry gathers. A great opportunity to compress in a few days what otherwise could have been endless conference calls or numerous business trips. Also, the chance of nice weather early March is a lot greater in Madrid than in Brno, so there is the additional benefit of feeling the sun on your winter skin during a lunch break.

For the past three years I have stayed in a hotel in central Madrid, but this time I decided to return to a hotel close to the conference venue, because I knew the fitness had a Concept2 erg. Here it is. Do you see the Concept2 erg?

3814096 20 z

At Vienna airport Iberia forced me to check my luggage.

At Madrid, only 10 suitcases arrived on the belt. All the other luggage had remained in Vienna. Great. So instead of heading directly to the hotel and get in my workout, I had to queue more than an hour to fill out my lost luggage form. Iberia promised that the luggage would arrive on the next flight. I didn’t believe them much.

So after I arrived at the hotel, I headed to the shopping mall opposite and bought the cheapest workout clothes I could get. A 3 Euro T-shirt and training shorts. Then I took my iPhone connector kit, heart rate belt, Garmin watch (all of which I luckily had in the small carry-on bag), and headed down to the hotel fitness.

The Concept2 was there waiting for me. Unfortunately, the PM3 on firmware version 82 did not connect to the iPhone. I tried both Painsled and ErgData but no luck. Oh well. The training effect is there even without recording the data, right?

I rowed a 15km of steady state. It was dry and warm and at the end I was very sweaty. I didn’t go very fast.

IMG 1378

I also noted that the poor erg had been idle for a very very long time:

IMG 1380

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