Last training in mix quad

Taper has started, so I was a little concerned when Romana proposed to take the bike to the rowing club instead of the car. Unnecessary concern, of course. The bike is an excellent way to warm up and cool down.

Morning cycle:
(I like to go through the hills at Medlanky, but Romana preferred the longer alternative on a solid road and with fewer steep climbs.)

We rowed from Lodni Sporty today, because our quad is in Villach for races. The Wintech quad with a hole in the hull is still not sent for repair. As two rowers in our mixed quad are from Lodni Sporty, it’s not a problem to go over to the bad side and row from there.

Quite windy conditions and huge waves. We rowed to a quiet area in the canyon and did start practices there. Nice to get into the World Champs atmosphere:

“Czech Republic – Attention – ROW”

Numerous starts in headwind, starting with one stroke only until perfection, then two strokes, then three strokes, then an exercise where we did 20 “half” strokes in a row to get the entire boat used to the right stroke length. Then four strokes, and finally a full start, then a start+5.

Same in tailwind.

Then rowed back to LS. Mister Knapek wasn’t there, otherwise I would have wished his daughter good luck. She, Mirka Knapkova, rowed the final in the big World Championships today. When I am writing this, she already came in a silver position. Kim Crow was simply too strong for her.

After the row, we cycled back home, had a quick lunch and then settled in front of the TV to watch some races from Aiguebelette. We saw Synek win and Knapkova come in second place.

Now I have some packing to do. I need to prepare everything for Belgium. There will be no time to pack on Monday or Tuesday.