A short training in the eight – sprints between thunderstorms

Today’s training was a short session in the eight.

Warming up, 1k lower four, then 1k upper four. Then 2.5km with some stroke rate variations. And then the main event.

When we launched, thunderstorms had swept over our lake and were disappearing to the northwest. During our warming up the wind started to get stronger. By the time we were up to the main event there was a strong headwind, and the sky to the southeast was very dark.

We did a 4x250m/250m rest at race pace into that headwind. The kind of headwind that throws the boat off balance when one of the rowers clips too early.


When we returned to the dock, there was a beautiful rainbow.

The cox box showed 1:30 as fastest pace into the headwind. I don’t think it is bad, although there is a lot to improve to our stroke.