Wrist update and today’s training

I had an interesting evening:

7pm – wrist starts to be painful (while playing cards)

8pm – wrist so painful I am afraid I will faint from the pain

9pm – see 8pm. In bed.

10pm – pain gets more numb but still prevents me from sleeping. I move to the living room to watch TV

2am – I wake up in front of the TV, wrist better. I go back to the bedroom.

8am – waking up with a stiff wrist but pain level is bearable

I am carrying the arm in a sling to give it rest. In the morning I wanted to decide whether or not to have it X-rayed today. This morning, I decided to postpone that decision until Sunday or Monday. It will be easier to visit a doctor on Monday anyway.

I have little pain when pushing or pulling the hand straight, but a lot of pain when doing fine motorics, like buttoning buttons, eating with knife and fork, and opening a tube of toothpaste. I think the wrist is heavily bruised, but not broken. The swellings and pain are from inflammation, which is part of the healing process.


I went to the rowing club. Tried two pulls on the concept2 and gave up. A 2:45 pace gives me wrist pain. May try again tomorrow.

The plan was a 30 minute row and weights. I ended up doing 35 minute of gentle spinning on an indoor cycle and then did the weights that I could do, which was mainly core strengthening business.