Friday – Sculling with the breaks on


The training plan asked for 6km with a break (a band around the single to slow down the boat), followed by 5km without.

Rowing with a band is fun. It slows down the boat just enough to make it easy to concentrate on the stroke sequence. It was a chilly 4 degrees C, and a bit windy, but not much chop, so it was actually a quite nice day to row.

myimage (21)

bokeh plot (24)

bokeh plot (25)


Interesting to see how the power measured varies much more in the first part (with the break on).

bokeh plot (28)


After removing the break, I kept the stroke rate low and tried to focus on technique. Still, Wash values were all over the place.

bokeh plot (29)


Saturday + Sunday

No training. We had to drive 2 hours to Ceske Petrovice. Romana’s aunt was celebrating her 80th birthday, so it was a big family event in a cottage in the Orlicke Hory (“Eagle Mountains”). Quite remote place.

What was rain in Brno, had been snowing in the mountains, so when we arrived it was interesting to see the remains of the snow.

IMG 1440


We spent the evening talking (and drinking) in the cottage, so we also needed Sunday morning to rest. By the time we got back to Brno, I didn’t really fancy getting in a workout. Let’s say that it was a hard weekend, anyway.