Saturday – Back On The Water

Yes! Yes! Yes!

After four-and-a-half months of rowing on ergs, I had an opportunity to row on the water again! My last recorded workout with the NK SpeedCoach was early November.

I took the scooter to the rowing club, and took out the single for a thorough check before hitting the water. The lake water is of course still ice cold from melting snow, so I wanted to be 100% certain that my material was OK. Didn’t fancy a flip because of a material failure.

The Junior 15/16 boys were there unloading my trailer, which I had allowed them to use for their spring training camp in Racice. They had been able to do 30km per day on average only. On a few days, the Racice canal was covered by a thin layer of ice.

The older Juniors are on a training camp in Gavirate, Italy, rowing on sunny lake Varese.

We also have new boat racks in hangar 4. (Or hangar “IIII” as it is illogically marked. With the other hangars names “I”, “II”, and “III”, one would expect “IV”.) As the number of private and club boats is increasing, we needed to create new rack space, so a more dense arrangement was created. I was not so pleased to find out that our double “Orca” had been used by the builders to test the racks, and in fact had written an angry email when I found out about that.

The consequence though was that the front racks for doubles and pairs are too close to the hangar door for a Salani double which is slightly longer than our Wintechs. So before I could hit the water, I spent some time with Romana figuring out where to put “Orca” (our 2x) and “Dolfijn” (our single). In the end we found a good solution. As rack space is now very tight and the risks of scratching another boat is highly increased, we put both boats close together. Also, we should make some covers for the oarlock pins.

Another complication was that I found out I forgot to bring the SpeedCoach holder. As I am riding on the scooter and not traveling by car, I had to pack my rowing stuff in a slightly smaller bag, and I forgot to take the holder. I managed to improvise a way to fix the SpeedCoach to my wing rigger and off I went.

I consider this a baseline row. I didn’t take much notice of the values on the SpeedCoach or do any technique drills. Instead, I just enjoyed being out on the water again and rowed 18-20spm steady state.

The Brno lake was black and smooth like oil. No waves whatsoever. Only in the final 2k rowing home a cold headwind started to blow. At that moment, I was glad I had enough layers on.

After 15.5km in the single, I had a few blisters. Took a picture of the worst ones for my readers to admire. Tomorrow, we’re going out in a 4x.

On Monday, I am up at 3:30 to go to the airport and spend a week in Arizona. Lots of desert running planned for that week. No time to row in Tempe, unfortunately.

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