Friday – A very short row

I headed to the lake for a row with my brother-in-law Tomas. I left work at 1pm, to get the row done before the afternoon series of conference calls would start.

While I was driving, the 5pm call was moved to 2pm. The logic behind that was that the US participant couldn’t make it, and my European colleagues didn’t want to have a call at Friday Happy Hour time. I only found out after the row.

At the rowing club, I found a rather tired Tomas. He had had a party the evening before, and he had slept on a patio, but there had been a pretty violent thunderstorm around midnight. (Romana and I got up and frantically started closing windows. Lightning was visible at a frequency of more than one per second. In our street, one tree fell.)

OK, we would just do a quick round and we would do starts practice and a few short bursts.

myimage (15)

On the rowing data side, I switched to the Leaflet open source library for interactive maps and I am glad I did. The Google Maps never really worked, and the Leaflet API is very user friendly. It was pretty easy to figure out how to automatically zoom the map to the level that just fits the entire row. I also added a few layers (satellite, street, outdoors, nautical) to play with. Here is the result:



Maps are nothing revolutionary, of course, but having a user-friendly library opens possibilities for map based representation of rowing and weather data. Plenty of ideas, very little time to implement.

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