Pretty good session in the eight

As Greg correctly pointed out, combining big boat rowing with a job is harder than combining it with a single. Today was no exception.

My boss was out of town, so I had to moderate a 5pm to 6pm conference call with our headquarters in Phoenix. I also had a training in the eight from 6:30. So I would either have to tell the crew that I come late or find another way. Left the office at 4pm. Made it throught the traffc with just 10 minutes to spare and set myself up in one of the bedrooms at the rowing club.

All good, except that the juniors switched on the music in the gym just below this room. And to make matters worse, two rowers started a loud discussion right in front of the window. At least the US colleagues took it with humor and content-wise the review was fine.

There was a lot of wind on the lake and especially in the first 30 minutes of the outing we were in big waves. There is just 45 minutes of rowing recorded, but we spent another 20 minutes of “discussion time”. We basically rowed up and down the quietest part of the lake doing 25 stroke and 50 stroke “race pace” pieces and practicing starts. It was better than I expected and there was real progress during this hour.

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