Steady state in the single – working on tap-down

Arrived at the club early but had to wait. My daughter Lenka was out in the single.

I rowed this session together with Martin. I was slightly faster, at slightly lower stroke rates. Happy about that. I kept an eye on the “wash” metric during the entire row and worked on technique to keep its value low.

Today, I have released a few innovations on One of them allows you to write annotations in the Flex plot:

As you can see, I made good use of it. The feature was suggested by Greg from Quantified Rowing and I immediately recognized it as a great idea. It greatly improves the workflow when you can capture your thoughts immediately when you create the plot. There isn’t too much you can write about a technique/steady state outing, so the comments on the plots are a bit “empty”, but you get the point.

I also played around a bit with the video editing software DashWare to get it to properly use rowing related metrics. You can read the how-to here. The result:

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