Saturday – OTW in the single

A jedeme v tom zas. #cvkbrno #czechrowing #loveit

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This morning I drove to the lake to pick up another batch of singles and pairs. In the erg room I saw Eda, who just finished his first set of 10 500m pieces (see yesterday’s blog). He was rowing them in 1:42-1:44 pace, but rating around 28spm instead of the prescribed 26spm.

Took the boats to the Pisarky (river) club house. Then quickly hopped in the single for a short row, knowing that Lenka would be around in 45 minutes for her row.

I had to reset the SpeedCoach after 1800m. I was rowing with Slip and Catch angle values on the bottom row of the screen. Suddenly there were no values any more. First I tried switching off and on the oarlock. That didn’t help. Then I reset the SpeedCoach, which solved the issue.

First part:

Workout Summary - media/20170304-102315-Sanders SpeedCoach 20170304 0927amo.csv

Second Part:

Workout Summary - media/20170304-102435-Sanders SpeedCoach 20170304 0938amo.csv

I had moved the seat rails a bit sternward to allow for full reach with the new foot stretcher settings.

I was watching slip and catch angle for most of the workout. Only in the last leg did I change it to wash and catch angle.

It’s a great spring day today. I had to interrupt sitting in the sun in the garden to write up this training log. I guess the Rowsberry Pi work will have to wait until tomorrow.

Adding two pictures from an old album about our club.

The juniors (1920)
A party at the rowing club (1936)
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