5x1500m and preparing for the showdown

A showdown?

There was a rowing club evening. Well, it was actually a whole afternoon, a traditional “zabijačka”, where a pig is slaughtered and all the meat and stuff is processed.


We arrived later, and I just tasted beer. Not that I don’t like this food, but I have to remain lightweight for my races and this is not really the food that keeps you lightweight.

Anyway, we were discussing upcoming races and I was discussing with this guy Michal. At the end of the discussion we had decided, that:

  1. We would race the double together at the Spring Races on April 18
  2. We would row a 6km trial next to each other on Monday, 16 February

He claims he can beat my time, but needs some motivation to do it. So there you go. I am actually quite looking forward to it.

Today’s training

So I was going to do the 5x1500m of last week today, and do the 6km on Monday. I went down to the erg basement with the idea that I would just row the target pace, nothing faster … well, that didn’t entirely work out.5x1500mb5x1500m

I have brought a bluetooth enabled radio/media player for the erg room, so I was streaming this “rowbeats #1” compilation from soundcloud to it. It is a mix of techno with coxing voices and regatta speaker sounds. Quite motivating, I must say. It really did get me into a groove and the 1500m intervals flew by:

Workout Summary – Feb 15, 2015
Workout Details

Target was 1:51.2, so I beat that a little. 😀

Don’t think it will have a negative impact on tomorrow’s showdown 6k row …