Thursday – Steady State

Every day is different this week. Today it was a nice 21 degrees and sunny. Krocan and I went out in singles and we did a long steady state row. It was choppy when we started and flat when we finished. In the chop, I rowed away from Krocan easily. On flat water, the difference was smaller. I worked on sending the boat at the finish, tapping down clean and keeping the wash metric low.


You can see how the total drive length has a much smaller spread than the effective length.

On, the wash numbers always look a bit worse than what I expect from the numbers I see in the boat.

All this focus on “wash”. Does it really pay off? I decided to filter my OTW rows on “Steady State” and look at the median value of Wash and its standard deviation. The result is sobering:

I added the average wind strength as reported by the Dark Sky network to the plot. It seems the wind (and probably chop) is the biggest factor influencing the Wash value and its spread.


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