Friday – a hard 6k

Wednesday – Thursday

I traveled to Brussels on Wednesday. No training.

On Thursday morning I did an hour of weights in the hotel fitness. I wanted to go at 6am, but the hotel has changed the opening times to 7am. It’s not good. Now I had to share the weights room with some chatty Dutchmen who occupied the stations but didn’t do much, and I had less time after the session to get ready for my meetings.

After an interesting meeting, I headed to the airport and traveled home. Arrived at 8pm.


A morning row, because the afternoon would be busy with calls. Also, the  forecast said that the wind would be less strong in the morning.

After 2km of warming up, I noticed I had forgotten to start the SpeedCoach. Bummer.

After 5km of warming up, I turned and got ready to start. The lazy bastard that I am had decided to row this as a 6k without a turn, starting under Veveri Castle, rowing back to the lake, then crossing it and finishing at the south end. I would avoid the turn and I would get to row this with tailwind on the lake part.

Here’s the row’s chart:

And the summary:

Workout Summary - media/20180504-0700510o.csv
Workout Details

Not sure why the summary claims my first 1k to be so slow. I checked the pace a few times (on my Garmin Forerunner) and it was around 2:09. Perhaps the first turn slowed me down.

The power bumps and valleys in the first 3k are really turns. Same with the power dip around 4.5km in.

The average power is a bit lower than I am used to, but that is mainly due to the fact that until this day, I was looking at inflated power numbers. A bug in the NK SpeedCoach that gave me about 9% more power than I deserved. So, in terms of my “old reference”, this was around 240W, which I think is good for a training row after business travel.

A 1k cooling down, a quick boat wash and shower and then I had to hurry to the office.

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